Professor Dr. Mandava Rajeswari

BE., Madras, India
M.Tech., IIT Kanpur, India
PhD., Wales

Level 7, Room 728, Block G31
School of Computer Science
USM 11800 Penang, Malaysia

Tel: (+604) 653 2157
Fax: (+604) 657 3335



Research Interest

Main research interest is to process, analyze and to extract contents and information from the images; derive knowledge from the extracted information; to represent the knowledge and use the knowledge in various applications in addition to using it to guide the information extraction from the images. In the early stages of this research the focus was to extract information from the images and put into several applications that include automated visual inspection, and real time process control in industry; robot vision for intelligent assembly; image database retrieval and image segmentation. While these areas remain as research interests, focus is now shifted to image Knowledge extraction and representation and Knowledge guided image segmentation analysis and visualization. The major domain of research is in medical images and natural images.